spacerAn introduction into Residential Architecture...

Just the thought of doing a project in your home or building your dream home can be both exciting and frightening. There
are so many decisions to make. Where do you begin? Many homeowners who consider hiring an architect are unfamiliar
with the architectural process.

A successful residential development must work on many levels - financial, social and environmental. The planning of
modern houses or apartments must take into consideration the location of certain needs in relation to others. The dining
space should be near the food-preparation area, and the food-preparation area should be accessible to the entrance used
to bring in food supplies and remove waste. Access to children’s sleeping areas should not be through the adults’ living
spaces. Access to bathrooms should be close to the bedroom areas and should not be through living or dining spaces.
The furniture arrangement for a living space must take into account the occupant’s life-style and preferences.

In fact, homes that have been designed unconsciously by creative occupants without any standard decorative rules
are often the most beautiful ones. Certain planning and functional considerations are constant in any residence,
and, although these too may be ignored by the occupant who wishes to be strongly individualistic, they can provide
at least basic guidelines.


Phase 1..

DECIDE: What features do you need/want in your new home; design priorities?

We meet with you and fill out a detailed checklist of options and possibilities or requirements for your home.

A site visit to the property where the home is or will be located is an important part in the development of the design program.


Phase 2...

CONCEPTUAL SKETCHES: What will your new home look like?

Based on your ideas and opinions, and staying within the limitations of your property guidelines, we will develop a
number of conceptual sketches that will depict the general layout and character of your new home, as well as the relationship of the home to the site.

This process may go through several alterations to refine the concept.

Phase 3...

PRELIMINARY DESIGN & PRICING: What is the appropriate price for my new home?

More detail is added to the concept that the owners have decided they want. Then, the design is refined.

At this point, contractors can be asked to provide preliminary estimates of the cost of construction.


Phase 4...

SUBMISSION & APPROVAL: Once the final design has been agreed upon we will prepare working drawings and then
begin the extensive submission process. All submitted drawings are returned by city planning at least once with minor adjustments.

When the final plans are approved we will supply you with two copies of your approved plans, one for yourself and one for the contractor, as well as electronic copies for your own records.

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